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Your attorneys for life

Your attorneys for life

Your attorneys for lifeYour attorneys for life



Durable Power of Attorney & Advance Health Care Directives

A Durable Power of Attorney designates a person to act in your stead and make financial decisions for you if you are unable to do so. 

An Advance Health Care Directive provides you the opportunity to make medical emergency and end-of-life decisions for yourself in advance.

Let us help you find peace of mind and give your loved ones the gift of certainty in an uncertain time.


Wills and Trusts

We often hear, "I just want a simple Will." Too often what a client requests and what they truly need are very different.  Fortunately, many of the problems people often face following the loss of a loved one can be resolved before they become a problem.  A little advance planning can save a lot of money later on.

Our attorneys take time to focus on details. We examine assets, family and business structures, future goals, and present circumstances.  We walk clients through these important decisions and custom-craft documents which create clarity for the future.



Dealing with the estate of a lost loved one may seem overwhelming.  Insurance, retirement accounts, bank accounts, personal effects, property, mineral rights, vehicles, and other assets all require resolution.  Estranged children, ex-spouses, and creditors with unsatisfied claims show up to compete.  Probate litigation ensues. 

Our firm has a long history of successfully settling probate matters and carrying out your final wishes. Probate need not be another burden, let us help. We can work with you to carry out the final wishes of a Will or Trust, confidently and compassionately.